Passengers Aboard the Speedwell

A List of the Passengers Aboard The Speedwell of London, Robert Lock Master, Bound for New England. This list is not complete and more will be added at a later date.

Name, Aged
Richard Stratton,
John Milfoot,
Richard Smith, 43
Francis Brinsley, 22
Thomas Noyce, 32
Mathew Edwards,
Joseph Boules, 47
William Brand, (Q)1 40
John Copeland, (Q) 28
Christopher Holder, (Q) 25
Thomas Thurston, (Q) 34
Mary Prince, (Q) 21
Sarah Gibbons, (Q) 21
Mary Weatherhead, (Q) 26
Dorothy Waugh, (Q) 20
Lester Smith, 24
Christopher Clarke, 38
Edward Lane, 36
Tho: Richardson, 19
John Earle, 17
Thomas Barnes, 20
Shudrack Hopgood, 14
Thomas Goodynough, 20
Nathaniel Goodinough, 16 (spelling from page)
John Fay, 8
William Tayler, 11
Richard Smith, 28
Muhuhulett Munnings, 24
Margarett Mott, 12
Henry Reeue, 8
Henry Seker, 8
John Morse, 40
Nickolus Dauison, 45
John Baldwin, 21
Mary Baldwin, 20
Rebeca Worster, 18
John Wigins, 15
John Miller, 24
Thomas Home, 11
John Crane, 11
Charles Baalam, 18

"The persons above named past from hence [in] the ship above mentioned, and are according to order, registered here. Dated, Searchers office, Grauesend, 30th May, 1656.
Edward Pelling, Searchers
John Philpott, Searchers

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