Bafield Parish Baptisms, 1729-30 ~ 1743


Nathan, son of Moses Hale, January 25.
Aphia, daughter of Samuell Dole, February 1, 1729-30.
Daniell, son of Daniell Plumer, February 1, 1729-30.
John, son of Elkanah Lunt, February 1, 1729-30.
Mark, son of John Plumer, March 1.
Nero, a Negro servant of John Plumer, March 15, 1729-30.
Joseph, son of Samuell Wallingford, March 22, 1729-30.


Sarah, daughter of Bartholomew Pearson, April 5, 1730.
Lydia, daughter of Jonathan Thirston, April 5, 1730.
William, son of William Searl, April 12.
Ann, daughter of Benj. Plumer, May 10.
Samuell, son of Samll Emmerson, May 10.
Aaron, son of Aaron Plumer, May 24.
Eunice, daughter of Wm. Tenney, May 24.
Moses, son of Thomas Lull, June 7.
Hannah, daughter of Joseph Russell, June 7.
Nathan, son of Thomas Burpe, July 26.
Bethya, daughter of Joseph Goodridge, jr., Aug, 23, 1730.
Abel, son of Nathan Plumer, September 6.
William, son of Lt. Jno. Spafford, October 18.
Miriam, daughter of John Stevens, October 1 1.
Jemima, daughter of Samuell Jewett, November 8.
William, son of Thomas Wicom, November 15.
Moses, son of John Adams, November 22.
Mary, daughter of John Boynton, December 6.
Ammiruhamah, son of Jonathan Mores, December 6.
Joseph, son of Joseph Noyes, December 6.


Lydia, daughter of John Lull, January 3, 1 730-1.
Moses, son of Moses Wheeler, January 3, 1 730-1.
Martha, daughter of Abner Todd, January 17.
Joseph, son of Moses Gerrish, January 17.
Moses, son of Jonathan Spafford, January 24.
Benjamin, son of David Woodman, February 21, 1 730-1.
Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Dumer, February 21, 1 730-1.
Mary, daughter of Samll Moodey, February 21, 1 730-1.
A child of Jonathan Pearson, March __,
A child of Joshua Noyes March __,
A child of Samll Herreman, March __,


Sarah, daughter of Samuell Hazen, April 11.
Eliza, daughter of William Adams, April 25.
Eunice, daughter of Elkanah Lunt, April 25.
Katharine, daughter of John Dumer, esq., May 9, 1 731.
Oliver, son of Benjamin Pearson, May 16.
David, son of Andrew Stickney, May 16.
Eliza, daughter of Nathaniell Clark, May 23.
Rebecka, daughter of Nathan Wheeler, jr., July 23, 1731.
William, son of Jonathan Wheeler, August 8.
Joseph, son of Richard Stewart, August 8.
John, son of Edmund Cheney, August 15, 1731.
Francis, son of Francis Brocklebank, August 15, 1731.
Hannah, daughter of Elijah Blazedel, August 15, 1731.
Eliza, daughter of Samuell Poor, August 15, 1731.
Abigail, daughter of John Wheeler, August 29.
Mary, daughter of Timo Jackman, August 29.


Beamsly, son of John Plumer, January 2.
Mehitabel, daughter of Joshua Boynton, jr., January 9, 1731-2-
William, son of Jonathan Stickney, January 32, 1731-2.
Mary, daughter of Jonathan Thurston, March 5.
Moses, son of Moses Hale, March 5.


Mary, daughter of Samuell Wallingford, April 16, 1732.
Sarah, daughter of Dea. Samuell Moodey, June 11, 1732.
Hannah, daughter of William Tenney, June 18, 1732.
John, son of John Bailey, August 13.
Eliz., daughter of Lieut. Longfellow, August 20.
Oliver, son of Samuell Dole, August 20.
Susanna, daughter of Samll Lull, September 3.
Samuell, son of Jonathan Thurlo, September 3.
Phebe, daughter of Jonathan Pearson, October 8.
Mary, daughter of Bartholomew Pearson, November 12, 1732.
Jacob, son of Jedidiah Pearson, November 26.
Enoch, son of Moses Gerrish, December 3.
Abigail, daughter of Abraham Brown, December 7.


James, son of Josiah Smith, January 21.
Hannah, daughter of Nicholas Cheny, January 28, 1732-3.
Jeremiah, son of Jonathan Stickney, January 28, 1732-3.
John, son of Joshua Noyes, January 28, 1732-3.


John, son of Andrew Stickney, April 8.
Betty, daughter of Samll Jewett, April 29, 1733.
Jane, daughter of Moses Wheeler, April 29, 1733.
Judith, daughter of Eben Tenney, July 1.
Johnson, son of Jno. Stewart, July 1.
Hephsibah, daughter of Samuell Poor, July 22, 1733-
John, son of John Dumer, esq, August 12.
A child of Jno. Lull, July 29, 1733.
Martha, daughter of Nathan Plumer, August 26.
Judith, daughter of Benjamin Pearson, September 23, 1733.
John, son of Edmund Cheney, September 23, 1733.
Benj., son of Stephen Hidden, September 23, 1733.
Judith, daughter of Dea. Samll Moodey, September 30, 1733.
Paul, son of Jonathan Pearson, October 28.
Abner, son of David Woodman, November 25.
Martha, daughter of Joseph Goodridge, November 25.
Enoch, son of Moses Hale, December 2.
John, son of John Plumer, jr., December 9.
Sarah, daughter of Samuell Adams, December 23.
Sarah, daughter of Joseph Pike, December 30.


Mehitabel, daughter of Aaron Dresser, January 6.
Rebecca, daughter of Stephen Stickney, January 27, 1733-4-
Hannah, daughter of Samuell Hovey, March 3.
William and Hannah, children of Joseph Russell, February 17, 1733-4.


Hannah, daughter of Sam" Stickney, March 31.
Nathan, son of Nathan Wheeler jr., April 14.
Eliza, daughter of Richard Stewart, April 14.
Lemuel, son of Joseph Noyes, April 21.
Mehitabel, daughter of Benj. Thurston, August 15, 1734.
Esther, daughter of Timo Jackman, September 15.
Jonathan, son of Jonathan Stickney, November 17, 1734.
A child of Jonathan Thurlo, November 10.
Samuell, son of Samuell Wallingford, November 24, 1734.
Oliver, son of Samuell Dickinson, jr., December 29, 1734.


Samuell, son of John Hopkinson, January 5.
William, son of Nathaniel Dumer, January 12.
Nathan, son of Lt. Stephen Longfellow, January 19, 1734-5-
Benj., son of Benj. Stickney, jr., January 26.
Mary, daughter of Abraham Brown, February 16.
Enoch, son of John Stewartt, February 16.
Sarah, daughter of Richard Lowell, jr., March 9, 1734-5.


Enos, son of Joshua Noyes, March 30.
Henry, son of Moses Gerrish, April 6.
Benjamin, son of William Tenny, April 20.
Stevens, son of Roger Chase, May 4.
Abigail, daughter of Dea. Samuel Moodey, May 7, 1735.
David, son of John Boynton, June 8, 1735.
Jonathan, son of John Bayley, June 8, 1735.
Bartholomew, son of Bartholomew Pearson, June 29, 1735.
Moses, son of Andrew Duty, August 31, 1735.
Elizabeth, daughter of Moses Hale, August 31, 1735.
Elizabeth, daughter of James Calf, August 31, 1735.
Samuel, Son of Stephen Hidden, September 20.
James, son of Andrew Stickney, September 28.
William, son of Andrew Stickney, September 28.
Jonathan, son of Moses Wheeler, September 28.


Mary, daughter of Joseph Gerrish, January 4, 1735-6.
Mercy, daughter of Samll Lull, January 4, 1735-6.
Hepzibah, daughter of Samll Killburn, January 11.
Hannah, daughter of Jonathan Burpe, February 15.
Joseph, son of David Woodman, February 29.
Sarah, daughter of Edmund Cheney, February 7.
John, son of Elkanah Lunt, February 7.
Judith, daughter of Richard Stuartt, March 14.


Mary, daughter of John Plumer, April 18.
Samuell, son of the Widow Sarah Adams, May 16.
Abigail, daughter of Joseph Noyes, May 16.
Samuell, son of Jonathan Stickney, May 30, 1736.
Mehitabel, daughter of Ens. Benj. Pearson, June 13, 1736.
Sarah, daughter of Samll Jewett, July 18.
Elizabeth, daughter of Aaron Dresser, July 18.
Samuel, son of Nathll Dumer, July 25.
Samuell, son of Dea. Samll Moody, September 5, 1736.
Jedidiah, son of Joseph Russell, September 12.
Richard, son of William Tenney, October 3.
Samuel, son of James Calf, October 17, 1736.
Bethya, daughter of Jno. Danford, jr., October 17, 1736.
Sarah, daughter of Nathan Plumer, November 28.
John, son of Wm. Turner, December 5.
Hannah, daughter of Nich. Cheny, December 12.
Joshua, son of Stephen Stickney, December 12.
Sarah, daughter of Enoch Dole, December 19.
Betty, daughter of Jonathan Whitter, December 2 6.


John, son of Joshua Noyes, January 16.
Sarah, daughter of James Lacount, January 23.
Rebecca, daughter of Nathan Wheeler, February 13.
Mary, daughter of Timo. Jackman, February 13.
Benjamin, son of Benj. Stickney, jr., March 6, 1736-7.
Samuel, son of Samll Wallingford, April 16.
Jonathan, son of Jonathan Pearson, February 27, 1736-7.


A child of Samuell Stickney, June 5.
Elizabeth, daughter of Moses Hale, jr., July 17.
Sarah, daughter of John Stewart, July 17.
Joseph, son of Samuell Poor, July 24.
Samuel, son of Jonathan Thurlo, July 24.
Samuell, son of David Woodman, August 21, 1737.
Pheebe, daughter of Samll Dickinson, jr., September 11.
Sarah, daughter of Samll Hovey, September 11.
Oliver, son of Aaron Dresser, September 18.
Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Duty, October 2.
Moses, son of Humphry Pierce, October 9.
Luke, son of Caleb Burbank, October 9.
Jane, daughter of Moses Wheeler, October 30.
Sarah, daughter of Benj. Plumer, November 6.
Elkanah, son of Elkanah Lunt, November 13.
Hannah, daughter of Samll Lull, December 4.


Daniel, son of Joseph Noyes, February 5.
Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Poor, February 12, 1737-8.
Benj., son of Richard Stewartt, March 12.
Jane, daughter of Bartholomew Pearson, March 19.
Samuell, son of Jno. Danford, jr., March 19.


Hephzibah, daughter of Jonathan Burpe, April 2, 1 738.
Ruth, daughter of Joseph Swett, May 31.
Moses, son of Jonathan Stickney, May 31.
Moses, son of Josiah Smith, July 16.
Solomon, son of David Pearson, August 6.
Ann, daughter of Jonathn Pearson, August 27.
Paul, son of Dea. Sam" Moody, September 17.
William, son of William Turner, October 2 2.
Ann, daughter of Enoch Dole, November 5, 1738.
Joseph, son of Samll Danforth, November 5, 1738.
Ebenezer, son of Clough, December 10.
Daniel, son of Daniel Chapman, December 31.


Hannah, daughter of Samll Lowell, January 14.
Ruth, daughter of Nathan Plumer, February 4.
Jacob, son of Joseph Gerrish, February 11.
Sarah, daughter of Eben Tenny, February 18.
Thomas, son of Benj. Stickney, jr., February 25.
Oliver, son of Stephen Stickney, February 25.


Joshua, son of Joshua Noyes, April 22.
Jedidiah, son of Samll Stickney, May 6.
Eunice, daughter of Moses Hale, June 3.
Benjamin, son of Samll Wallingford, June 10.
John, son of Elkanah Lunt, June 10.
Mary, daughter of Nathan Wheeler, jr., June 17, 1739.
Joseph, son of Joseph Sweatt, June 24, 1739.
John, son of Samll Searl, June 24, 1739.
Ezekiel, son of Samll Northend, June 8.
Silas, son of Caleb Burbank, July 29.
Samuell, son of Moses Gerrish, August 19.
Sarah, daughter of Samll Lowell, September 9.
John, son of Jonathan Thurlo, September 23.
Dorothy, daughter of Dea. Samll Moody, October 14, 1739.
Judith, daughter of Joseph Noyes, October 21.
Elizabeth, daughter of Jno. Stewartt, November 11.
Mary, daughter of Jonathan Layton, December 2.
Benjamin, son of Abraham Sawyer, December 2.
Stephen, son of Eliphlet Danford, December 2.
Hannah, daughter of Aaron Dresser, December 16.
Abner, son of Mark Moors, jr., December 16.


Abijah, son of Samll Dickinson, January 13.
Richard, son of Bartholomew Pearson, and
Samuel, son of Samll Jewett, February 10.


Mehitabel, daughter of Samll Hovey, April 6.
Sarah, daughter of David Boynton, April 6.
Daniel Boynton and wife ownd ye Covt ye Same Day.
Mary, daughter of William Tenney, May 18.
Mary, daughter of Lt. Samll Northend, July 27, 1740.
Abigail, daughter of Jonathan Pearson, September 7, 1740.
Parker, son of Enoch Dole, September 14.
Ruth, daughter of Samll Searl, October 5.
Ann, daughter of Jonathan Pearson, jr., October 19, 1740.
Eunice, daughter of Jonathan Stickney, October 26.
Mary, daughter of John Danford, October 26.
Rufus, son of Moses Wheeler, November 23.
Mary, daughter of Joseph Mooers, December 28.


David, son of David Boynton, February 23.
John, son of Jonathan Layton, February 23.
Jno. and Mary, children of Daniel Noyes, March 5, 1 740-1.
Eliz., daughter of Ben. Stickney, March 5, 1 740-1.


Noyes, son of David Pearson, March 29, 1 741.
Lucy, daughter of Moses Hale, March 29, 1 741.
Isaac, son of Samuel Stickney, March 29, 1 741.
Eleazer, son of Caleb Burbank, March 29, 1 741.
Ruth, daughter of Timothy Jackman, April 12, 1741.
William, son of Moses Woodman, April 26, 1741.
A child of Abraham Brown, May 17.
Sarah, daughter of Nathan Wheeler, May 31.
Eunice, daughter of Joshua Noyes, May 31.
Joseph, son of Joseph Noyes, July 19.
William, son of Dea. Samll Moody, August 9.
Edmund Tenney, son of Abenezer Tenny, September 27, 1741.
Eliz., daughter of Samll Hovey, September 27, 1741.
Sarah, daughter Samll Poor, October 25.
Martha, daughter of Joseph Gerrish, November 1.
Amos, son of Samll Jewett, December 13.
Oliver, son of Samll Dickinson, jr., December 13.


Anne and Mehitabel, daughters of William Turner, January 3, 1 741-2.
Joseph, son of Joseph Hale, January 10.
Elizabeth, daughter of Samll Lowell, January 10.
Jane, daughter of Jno. Danford, jr., January 17.
John, son of Jno. Lull, jr., February 28, 1 741-2.
William, son of Moses Gerrish, February 28, 1 741-2.
Elias, son of Moses Cheney, February 28, 1 741-2.
John Coarsar, jr., an adult person, February 28, 1 741-2.
Moses, son of Moses Ritter, March 7. 1742.
John, son of Aaron Dresser, March 28.
Ann, daughter of William Longfellow, May 2, 1742.
Joseph, son of Joseph Carr, May 2, 1742.
Benjamin, son of John Noyes, May 2, 1742.
Phebe, daughter of Bartholomew Pearson, May __, 1742.
Hannah, daughter of John Stewartt, May __.
Enoch, son of Enoch Noyes, June 13.
A child of Abia Sawyer, June __, 1742.
Ednah, daughter of Benj. Plumer, July 11.
Abraham, son of Joseph Sweat, July 25.
Edward, son of Jonathan Pearson, jr., August 1, 1742.
Abner, son of Moses Woodman, August 1, 1742.
William, son of Andrew Duty, August 15.
Abigail, daughter of Francis Wooster, November 7.
Jno., son of my son Moses Hale, November 7.
Samuel, son of Samll Woodbury, December 19.


Mark, son of Jonathan Thurlo, January 2.
Jonathan, son of Jonathan Layton, January 16, 1742-3.
Samll son of David Boynton, February 6.
Abigail, daughter of Jer. Adams, February 6.
David, son of Caleb Burbank, February 13, 1742-3.
Mary, daughter of Jeremiah Poor, February 13, 1742-3.
Mary, daughter of Edmund Cheney, jr., March 6, 1742-3.


Reuben, son of David Pearson, April 10.
Mehitable and Aphia, children of Jno. Duty, May 1, 1743.
Elizabeth, daughter of Moses Pearson, May 22, 1743.
Jeremy, son of Richard Stewartt, May 29.
Susanna, daughter of Jno. Lull, May 29.
Sarah, daughter of Mark Moors, jr., June 5.
Lois, daughter of Samll Danford, June 26, 1743.
Sarah, daughter of Nathll Burbank, June 26, 1743.
Sarah, daughter of Benj. Stickney, July 17.
Lemuel, son of Joseph Noyes, August 21.
Nathan, son of Moses Hale, jr., September __.
Mehitabel, daughter of Samuel Northend, October 2, 1743.
Samuel, son of Samuel Stickney, November 6, 1743.
Mary, daughter of my son Moses Hale, November 6, 1743.
Stephen, son of Stephen Stickney, November 13.
Hannah, daughter of Abram Brown, November 13.
Sarah, daughter of Joseph Carr, November 20.

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Source: The Essex Antiquarian, Volume 2, Number 4, April 1898

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