Rockport Baptisms, 1777 ~ 1787

Part of these records are listed on Rockport Baptisms 1777 ~ 1798 and Rev. Ebenr Cleavelands Records.  Records for 1785 and 1786 are not listed.


Mary, daughter of Hugh and Mary Parkust, January 12.
William, son of John and Ruth Turney, January 19.
Nathaniel, son of Jabez and Hannah Richardson, and
Daniel, son of Solomon and Rebecca Norwood, February 2.
William Pitt, son of Isaac and Olive Pool, February 9.
Naby, daughter of Ebenezer and Martha Row, February 23.
Naby Row, daughter of Henry and Lucy Morgan, March 9.
Ebenezer* and Eliezer, twin sons of Daniel and Sarah Stilman, April 13.
Patience, daughter of Samuel and Lois Wonson, April 20.
Lydia, daughter of Hezekiah and Martha Lane, May 11.†
Josiah, son of William Grover, May 18.§
Martha, daughter of James and Sarah Parsons, June 22.
Rachel, daughter of Daniel Barber and Rachel Tarr, July 9.
Rebecca, daughter of Jams and Mary Brown, September 7.
John, son of John and Sarah Davis, September 14.
Lydia, daughter of Thos. and Dorcas Dressor, September 21.
Martha, daughter of Thos. and Sarah Row October 28.
Lydia, daughter of Oliver and Deborah Stevens, November 16.
(* Died young, † Removed to Sedgwick, § son of Ebenezer Grover.)


Esther, daughter of Francis and Peggy Pool, January 4.
Anne, daughter of William and Anne Bapson, January 18, Squam.
Hannah Burnnam, daughter of John and Hannah Andres, February 1.
Benjamin and Sally, children of Benjamin and Anna Marshal, February 22.
Hannah, daughter of Ephraim and Judith Sheldon, March 1.
Anna, daughter of William and Anna Low March 15.
Lydia, daughter of Solomon and Rebecca Norwood, April 19.
Lois, daughter of Capt. Mark and Deborah Pool,? and
Caleb Prince, son of Daniel and Susannah Davis, May 24.
William, son of Joshua and Elinor Gamage, May 31.
Esther, daughter of John and Anne Gamage, June 7.
(? Son of Joshua Pool.)

Andrew, son of Capt. Andrew and Sarah Lane, June 14.
Richard, son of Asa Chedle Barnard,* June 21.
Phineas, son of Mr. Byom of Barnard, June 21.
Polly (?), daughter of John, esq, and Theodora Yong, July 5†.
Joshua, son of Thos. and Eunis Goss, July 17.§
Robert, son of Robert and Patience Hooper, August 2.
Sally, daughter of Thos. and Mary Finson,? August 2.
William, son of Eunis Thuston, September 20.‡
Edward, son of widow Lydia Flecher October 2.
Issabella, daughter of Eben and Martha Rowe, October 4.
Charles, son of Benjamin and Lucy Tarr, October 18.**
Betty, daughter of Isaac and Betty Norwood, November 8.
John, son of John and Jerusha Kendal, November 22.
Thomas, son of Thomas, jr., and Thomoson Goss, November 28.
William, son of James and Deborah Parsons, December 13.
(* Mont Vernon, † "Gunstaff"? Landaff, N.H., § Second wife, ‡ Removed to Sedgwick, ?Removed to New Gloucester, Son of John, ** Died Young.)


Samuel, son of Maj. John and Sarah Row, February 6.
Lucy Flecher, daughter of Samuel and Lois Wonson, February 21.
Hannah, daughter of Caleb and Lucy Pool, May 13.††
John, son of Henry and Mercy Tarr, May 16.**
Susannah, daughter of Ebenr and Mary Grover, May 18.
William, son of William and Susanna Haskins, June 20.
Olive-Cleaveland, daughter of Isaac and Olive Pool, July 11.
John, son of Eliezer and Molly Butman, and
John Calvin, son of Hezekiah and Martha Lane, July 18.
William Thusten, son of Edmond and Sarah Grover, October. 10.*
(†† Married Isaac Patch, ** Died Young, * Living in Islesborough Maine in 1860.)


William, son of Benjamin and Lucy Hale,†
Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Finson, January 16.
Betty, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Stockbridge, January 16.
Samuel (Shepard), son of Mary Keezer,§ January 16.
Betty, daughter of Benj. and Betty Rowe, January 30.
Esther, daughter of Abner Gott, February 6.
William, son of Jeremiah and Martha Butman, February 13.
George, son of Capt. Andrew and Sarah Lane, February 27.
Anne Barber, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Davis, February 27.
Susanna, daughter of Daniel and Mehetebel Yong, June 24.
Jemima, daughter of Joshua and Elenor Gamage, July 2.
Sarah, daughter of Maj. Asa Bixby, August 20, Landaff, New Hampshire.
Hanah, daughter of Hanah Tomblson, August 4.
William, son of Willm and Ane Loo, September 5
Pege, daughter of William and Susenah Haskins (?),September 5
Ester, daughter of Ebenezer and Pate Row, September 5.
Samuel, son of John and Sara Row, January 3 [1781?].
John, son of John and Eunis Thuston, January 3 [1781?].
John, son of Jabez and Mary Row? January 3 [1781?].
Molly, daughter of Issek and Molly Jakups, January 3 [1781?].
(† Killed by a horse, § Daughter of Stephen Pool, ?Died young.)


Tamy, daughter of Ebenezer and Mary Grover, and
Willum, son of John and bate Eadey, March 12.
Daniel Barber, son of Daniel and Rachel Tart, July 10.?
Joruse, dau of Moses and Jerusha Norwood, July 18.
Anas, daughter of John and Anas Tarr, November 9.
Batey, daughter of John and Polly Craven, January 2.
(?Died young.)


Liday, daughter of Benjm and Elizabeth _____, January 2.
Saley, daughter of Andery and Saley _____.
Nabey Clavend, daughter of Willuim and Nabey, February 4.
John, son of Thomas and Mary Finson, June 13.
Jabez Lurvey, son of Thomas and Sarah Rowe, September 4.
Daniel, son of William and Anna Low, September 4.
Ana, daughter of John and Ana Pool, September 7.
Peggy, daughter of Ebenezer and Mary Grover, August 1.
Sally, daughter of Daniel Row, August 2.*
Joshua Gamage, jr., and wife, August 2.
Lois, daughter of. Ebenezer and Dorcas Pool, and
Solom Gott, son of John Thurston, August 2.
Richard, son of Richard and Naby Dresser, August __.
William, son of Joseph Thurston.
Ebenezer, son of Edmund and Sally Pool, August 2.
Roberd, son of Roberd Barker, August __.
Betsy, daughter of Mr. Fete.
(* Son of Thomas.)


James, son of John Gamage, August __.
Ester, daughter of John Gott, August __.
Luse, daughter of David Elwel (?), August 2.
Susanah, daughter of Ebenezer Tarr, August 2.
Reguse, daughter of Moses Nord, August 2.


Stevond, son of Stven and Abgail Pool, July 10.
Henery, son of Henery and Mercy Tarr, July 10.
Debory, daughter of Joshua Got, September 26.
Edmund, son of Wilim Haskins, December 5.
Ebenezer, son of Samuel Davis, December 5.
Ambers, son of Ambers Thuston, December 5.
Vens, daughter of Benj. and Eleseb Stobrg, December 5.
Rabaker, daughter of Samul Tarr.

1785 and 1786 were not listed, See Rev. Eben Cleaveland Records


Jabez Row, son of Tobis Laten, March 15.
Anna, daughter of Solom Tarr, March 15.
John, son of Thomas Finson, March 15.
Polly Row, daughter of Benj. Stobrg, March 15.
Rachel, daughter of Job Tarr, July 30.
Marthe, daughter of Nathinel Tarr.
Joseph Parsons, son of Joseph Dreser.
Sarah, daughter of Edmund Pool.
Ester, daughter of Daniel Davis.

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Rev. Eben Cleaveland Records

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