Rockport Baptisms, 1788 ~ 1808

Pages 1795 - 1804 Not Listed in order, but 1804 is listed out of order.


John, son of Capt. John Row, March 16. ?
Molly, daughter of Jonathan and Anne Adams, March 30.?
Nabby and Sally, daughters of Will and Abigail Goss, April 6.?
William, son of Felix and Patty Dial, April 13, Cape.
Joshua, son of Ebenezer Tarr, June 1.*
James, son of Ebenr Gott, June 1.*
Joseph, son of Joseph Thusten, jr., June 1.*
Rachael, daughter of Benjamin Row, June 1.*
David, son of John Pirce(?), June 20, Squam.
Hannah Hale, daughter of John V. Cleaveland, June 22,*
William Tarr, son of Jams Abbot, June 22,*
Tobias, son of Tobias Laten, July 6.*
Sarah, daughter of Isaac Norwood, July 6.*
Charles, son of Andrew Lane, July 20.*
Sally, daughter of Ben. Knights, July 20.*
John, son of Solomon Norwood, July 20.*
Elizabeth, daughter of Moses Pool, July 27.*
Peggy and Elinor, daughters of Hannah Burt, July 27.*
Solomon, son of Abner Gott, August 3.*
Lucy, daughter of Ben. Tarr, 3rd, August 3.*
Naby Benet and Joseph, children of Nat. and Lydia, Bailey, August 3.*
Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer Pool, jr.,† September 7.*
Isaac, son of John, jr., and Ruth Pool, September 14.
Lencrd Mdderson, son of John Turner, September 14.
William, son of John Blachford, September 14.
Thankful, Ephraim and John, children of Ebenr. Row, September 20.*
John, son of Aaron Bailey, October 17, Bath, N. H.
Horatio, son of Amri. Buck, October 17, Bath, N. H.
Abial and Molly, son and daughter of Timothy Hubert, October 17, Bath, N. H.
Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Berkly, November 14, of Lymon.
Ruth, David and Molly, children of David Weeks, December 21, Bath, N. H.
Elizabeth, Jacob and John, children of Jacob Hard (?), esq, December 21, Bath, N. H.
(*Sandy Bay, †Born July 16, 1787, §Died young, ?Gloucester.)


Nathaniel, son of Moses Norwood, March 29.*
David, son of David Tarr, April 12, Gloucester.
Daniel, son of Nathaniel Tarr, May 3.*
Peggy, wife of Jabez Tarr, and their children, June 7.*
John and Sally Saeward, June 7.*
Lois Cleaveland, daughter of Benj and Lucy Hale, June 7.*
Rhoda, daughter of Benj. Stocbridge, June 29.*
Betty Davis, daughter of Ambros Thusten, June 29.*
Moses Plats, son of Moses Plats Clark, June 29.*
Polly, daughter of widow Elwell, June 29.*
Sally, daughter of Oliver Tarr, June 29.*
Abraham, son of John Elwell, July 19.?
Samuel, son of Samuel Ingersal, July 19.?
Dolly, daughter of Daniel Davis, July 19.?
Molly, daughter of John Whorley, July 19.?
Betsey, daughter of Edward Higgins, July 19.?
Lusee, daughter of Nathl. Day, July 19.?
Peggy, daughter of Capt. Ebenr. Pool,† July 26.*
Dorkis, daughter of Thos. Robins, jr., July 26.*
Hannah, daughter of John Gott,§ July 26.*
Nancy, daughter of Daniel Plummer,
Judith, daughter of Natl. Tucker, August 2.?
Moses, son of Samuel Davis, August 2.?
Sarah and Joanna, twin daughters of Mr. Stanly, August 29, Sedgwick.
Ebenezer, son of Widow Allen, August 29, Sedgwick.
Sally, daughter of Richard Dresser, September 27.*
William, son of Mr. Dodd, October. 4, 3rd Parish, called Squam.
Tammi, daughter of Andrew Pirce, October. 4, 3rd Parish, called Squam.
Andrew, son of Caleb Lane, October. 4, 3rd Parish, called Squam.
Hannah Row, daughter of Jonathan Kimball,‡ October. 4, 3rd Parish, called Squam.
Jams, son of Jams Woodberry, October. 4, 3rd Parish, called Squam.
Lucy, daughter of Joseph Wheler, October. 4, 3rd Parish, called Squam.
A child of Jonathan Robinson, October. 4, 3rd Parish, called Squam.
Molly, daughter of Samuel Tarr, October. 11.*
Abraham How, son of Abraham Pool, October. 11.*
Peggy-Oaks, daughter of Benjamin Marshall, October. 11.*
(*Sandy Bay. † Son of Francis Pool, § Son of John, son of Benjamin, ?Son of Elias Low of Gloucester, ‡ Died young.)

Sally, daughter of Joshua Webster, October. 18.*
Lydia Houston, daughter of Benjamin Knights, October. 18.*
Nancy, daughter of James Parsons,† October. 18.*
John, son of John Tarr,§ October. 25.*
Zebulon, of Steaven Pool, October. 25.*
John, son of William Low,? October. 25.*
Samuel, son of Thos. Giles, November 8.*
William, son of Jonathan Adams, Nov 14.*
Patty, daughter of Felix and Patty Doyle [also Dial], December 27.*
(* Sandy Bay, † Son of James Parsons, § Son of John, Son of Benjamin, ?Son of Elias Low of Gloucester.)


Hannah, daughter of Benj. and Betsy Row, April 8.
William and Polly, children of Ebenr and Mary Grover, April 21.
Ambros, son of Thos and Mary Finson, April 29.
Tammi, daughter of William and Nabby Goss, April 29.
Mary, daughter of Tobias and Hephzibah Laten, April 29.
John, son of John and Hannah Cleaveland, May 2.
Naby Steavens, daughter of Isaac and Olive Pool, May 2.
Patty and Molly, daughters of Benit and Ruth Haskins, May 15.
Thos. Robins, son of David and Anne Tarr, June 27.*
Esther, daughter of Thos. and Patience Robins, and
Benjamin, son of Jonathan and Polly Whelor, July 4.*
Rhoda, daughter of Jabez and Peggy Tarr, July 14.*
Billy Boynton, son of Benet and Ruth Haskins, July 25.*
Edmon, son of Edmon Pool,‡ July 28.*
Moses, son of Moses Pool, in their own house, July 28.*
Lydia, daughter of John and Peggy Dressor, August 1.*
Andrew, son of Andrew and Mary Harriden, August 15.*
Naby, daughter of Abner and Naby Gott, August 15.*
Patty, daughter of Samuel and Betsy Wheler, August 22.
Lucy, daughter of Jams and Patty Abbot, August 22.
Polly, daughter of John and Anne Pool, August 22.
William, son of Benjamin and Esther Davis, September 12.*
John, son of John, 3rd, September 12.*
Olive Pool, September 12.*
Salley, daughter of Nathl and Rachael Forster, September 19.*
William, Amey and John, children of John Walker, October. 26, Sedgwick.
Robert, son of James Douglis, October. 26, Sedgwick.
Shedrick, Abner and Abigail, children of John Black, October. 26, Sedgwick.
Betsey, daughter of Ebenezer Herick, November 1, Sedgwick, Herrick's Bay.
Isaac and William, sons of John Herick, November 1, Sedgwick, Herrick's Bay.
Joseph, son of Samuel Herrick, November 1, Sedgwick, Herrick's Bay.
Rachael, daughter of William Wells, November 1, Sedgwick, Herrick's Bay.
(* Sandy Bay, §Son of John, son of Benjamin, ? Son of Elias Low of Gloucester, ‡Died young.)


James, son of John Turner, May 1.*
Josiah Witham, son of Joseph Steavens, May 1.*
Lois, daughter of Caleb Pool,† May 1.*
Anne, daughter of Wilm. Tarr, May 8.*
Andrews, and Abner, son of Abner Gott, jr., May 8.*
Sally, daughter of John and Ruth Pool, May 22.*
Paul Hustin, son of John Robins, and John, son of Job Tarr, May 29.*
Betty and Nancy, twin daughters of Richard Dresesr, June 11.*
Joshua and Sally, children of Joshua and Sally Gamage, June 26.*
William, son of D. Barber Tarr,§ July 10.*
Eben, son of Ebenezer and Deborah Row,? July 10.*
Henry, son of Capt. Henry Story,
John-Edward, son of William Brown,
Molly, daughter of Samuel Ober, and
Thomas, son of William Allen, July 17.‡
Mrs. Deborah Lee, July 24.
Samuel, son of Samuel Husten, July 31.*
Bette, Samuel, Ethan, Steaven and Ruben, children of Steaven Smith, September 7.
Joanna, daughter of Mr. Barkley, September 7.
Nancy Gardner, daughter of Micael Mallet, September 7.
Molly, son of Jams and Ruth Smith, September 7.
Jams, son of Dea. Cutting Noise, October. 2, Boscawen.
Sarah How, daughter of Abraham Pool, October. : 10.*
Elizabeth Hinckley, daughter of Thos. October. 16.*
Molly Finson, October. 16.*
Lydia, daughter of Capt. Ebenezer Pool, November 13.*
George, son of James and Patience Parsons, November 13.*
(*Sandy Bay, † Married Jabez Tarr, jr., §Died in 1859. ?Born in 1789. ‡ Manchester.)


Olive, daughter of Ben 3rd, January 1, Gloucester.
Lucy Tarr, January 1, Gloucester.
Polly-Harriden, daughter of Richard and
Rachel Whitridge, and John, son of John and Nancy Goss,* January __.
Henry, son of Vinery and Polly Burns Parsons, January 15.
Sally, daughter of Felix Dial, January 29.
Benjamin, son of Benjamin Knights, April 1.†
John, son of John and Ruth Pool,§ April 29.†
David Sanderson, son of William and Olive Swanson,? June 17.†
Jabez and Charles, sons of Ebenr, June 17.†
Betty Gott, Hannah, daughter of John and Esther Gott, June 17.†
Rhoda, daughter of Jonathan Plats, June 17.†
Patty Parsons‡ June 17.†
John, son of John and Beulah Burns, July 15.†
Oliver, son of Oliver and Sally Tarr, July 15.†
Nancy, daughter of Jonathan and Nancy Adams, July 15.†
Joshua Riggs, son of David and Molly Tarr, and
Polly Rigs, daughter of Jabez and Peggy Tarr, July 22.†
Ebenezer, son of John V. and Hannah Cleaveland, July 29.†
William, son of Moses Plats and Sally Clark, July 29.†
William and Polly, children of William and Polly Thusten, August 9(?).
Thomas, son of Thomas and Patience Robins, and
Thomas Oaks, son of Benjamin Soper Marshall, September 16.†
David, son of David Kimball, October. 7†
Eps, son of Eps Tarr, November 4.†
Polly Parsons, daughter of Job Tarr, November 4.†
John, son of John and Anna Pool, November 4.†
Polly, daughter of William Cook, and
Abigail, daughter of Mr. Giles, November 11.†
Sally, daughter of Samuel Hoosten, November 18†.
Sally, daughter of Benj. and Lucy Hale, December 9. †
(*Settled in New Gloucester, † Sandy Bay. § Removed to Edgecomb. ?Removed to Portsmouth. Son of Caleb, ‡ Son of James Parsons of Sandy Bay)


Thomas, son of William and Susanna Haskins, May 3.


Mary, daughter of Reuben and Molly Brooks, September 4.*
Mary, daughter of John Vas and Hannah Cleaveland, September 4.*
Hannah Cleaveland, daughter of John and Beulah Hums, September 4.*
Thomas Parsons, son of Thos. Parsons and Elizabeth Knights, September 4.*
Anne, daughter of Ebenezer and Deberah Row,† September 4.*
Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Polly Blatchford,§ September 21.‡
Ruben, son of Reuben and Polly Brooks, October 28.*
Polly, daughter of David and Polly Kimball, October 28.*
Anne and Sally, twin daughters of Samuel Wonson, May 10.*
Thos. Oaks, son of Benj. and Anne Marshall, May 10.*
Thomas, son of Andrew Tarr,? May 10.*
(* Sandy Bay, † Son of Thomas and Sally, § Removed to Passamaquoddy, ?Died young, ‡ Amesbury.)


Mary, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Tuksberry, November 5. ‡
(‡ Amesbury.)


Benjamin, son of Samuel and Polly Roberts, December 4. ‡
(‡ Amesbury.)


Samuel, son of Nathan Gould, June 1, Amesbury, Newtown.


Fany, daughter of James Parsons, April 13.
Judith, daughter of Jonathan Wheeler.
Martha-Rollins, daughter of Samuel Huston, April 27.
Jabez, son of Ebenezer Gott.
Charlotte, daughter of Nathaniel Foster, May 4.
Jonathan, son of Jonathan Parsons, May 11.
Daniel, son of William Swanson.
Polly, daughter of William Thurston, May 18.
Joseph, son of John Tarr.
Polly Haridon, daughter of Richard Whitridge, May 25.
Josiah, son of Henry W. Parsons, June 8.
Lydia Greenleaf, daughter of Samuel Wonson, jr.
William, son of William Roberts.
Solomon, son of Solomon Norwood, jr.
William, son of Joshua Clark, June 22.
Rhoda, daughter of William Gooss.
Francis, son of Francis Tarr, June 29.
Nabby, daughter of Stephen Pool.
Sally, daughter of Benjamin Tarr, jr., July 27.
Samuel, son of Samuel Lufkin of Freeport, August 31.
Mary, daughter of Tobias Leighton.
Lucy, daughter of Francis Norwood, jr., September 21.
Samuel, son of John Goss, September 28.
Thomas, son of Thomas Row, jr., October 5.
Oliver, son of Oliver Tarr.
Abraham, son of Abraham Tarr, Oct 12.
Nancy, daughter of Robert Tarr.
George, son of George Knights, October 12.
Ebenezer, son of Ebr. (?) Grover, jr.
Epes, son of Moses Pool, October 19.*
Deborough, daughter of Oliver Stephens.
Thomas Dresser, son of Thomas Parsons.
Hannah, daughter of John Gott.
Samuel-Stanly, son of Peter Stilman.
Asa, son of Asa Todd.
Nathaniel and James, sons of Nathaniel Blachford, November 23.
George, son of Thomas Roberts, jr., November 30.
John and Hannah, children of Francis Noble, December 7.
John and Patty, children of William Gott.
(* Died young.)

Pages 1795 - 1804 Not Listed


Lyddy, daughter of Dr. William Farson, December 22.


Lydda Parsons, daughter of Samuel Davis Thurston, January 5.
Thomas Witham and Deborah Tarr, April 27.
Lydda Parsons, daughter of Thomas William, May 2.
Deborah Parsons and Harriet, daughters of Caleb Tarr, May 20.
Benjamin Davis, son of Joshua Haskal, June 22.
Nehemiah, son of Nehemiah Knowlton, June 22.
Jane Steal, daughter of John Heartly, June 29.
William, son of John Pool, July 27.
Sally Bradstreet and Pegge Dodge, daughters of Josiah _____, September 7.
Martha, daughter of Caleb Tarr, November 2.
Nancy Stacy, daughter of David Kimball, November 23.
Addison, son of Solomon Choate, November 23.


Louis, daughter of Dea. Abraham Pool, May 3.
Josiah, son of Josiah and Nancy Slowman, May 19.
Charlotte, daughter of William and Polly Thurston, June 22.
Anna Davis, daughter of Samuel Davis Thurston, June 22.
Solomon, son of Solomon Roberds, July 28. October 4.
David Brooks, son of Thomas Knights, October 4.
Ebenezer, son of Jabez and Polly Baker, October 4.
Laura Matilda, daughter of Francis and Lucy Norwood, October 4.
William Stevens and Samuel Tarr, sons of William Stevens Fletch.
William Henry, son of Henry Witham, jr.
Lucy, daughter of Josiah Slowman.
Elizabeth, daughter of Eleazer Boynton.
Matthew, son of Matthew and Sally Giles.


Joseph Butman, an adult, January 10.
Charles, son of Benjamin, 3rd, and Lucy Tarr, January 19.
Irene, daughter of Reuben Brooks, November 20.
Children of William and Abigail Goss
Abigail Goss, born February 3, 1786.
Sally Goss, born January 8, 1790.
William Goss, born January 27, 1792.
Rhoda Goss, born January 21, 1794.
Alen Goss, born March 18, 1796.
Edward Goss, born December 30, 1797.
Tammy Goss, baptized April 29, 1790.
They had a son David, who died young.


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Rev. Eben Cleaveland Records


Source: Essex Antiquarian, Volume II, Number 12, December 1898

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